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Bundle: NinePup and My Submerges! (4 Scenes!)
Added 14 days ago    416 views    explicit
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The video of myself and Nine Pup, the two recent submerge clips of me and the clip of me jerking off in the quarry mud all in a bundle! Thank you for your support! The sales will go to cover gas to make more of these trips happen through the season...
Submering in Creamy Quarry Mud
Added 14 days ago    374 views
Had a lot request more submerge content so I'm doing what I can to make that happen! Here I go back to a place wearing an old pair of underwear and slowly work myself down into the muck to the point where I had to pry my head back up because of the...
Boggy Submerge!
Added 14 days ago    290 views
Wearing just my jock and with my friend NinePup watching from the shore I forcefully work myself down into a smelly pool of peat mud.
Neck Deep Jackin in Thick Clay
Added 14 days ago    329 views    explicit
Some of the thickest quarry clay I've encountered! Worked myself down to nearly neck deep, naked and brought the camera in for a close up of me enjoying myself
Pup Nine and Myself Having Fun (longer Video)
Added 14 days ago    356 views
The full length video of my friend Pup Nine playing around back the swamp with me. Its rare that I get to have company with me so I thought I'd stick this in the store. None explicit content, more of just us jumping around and having fun.
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Meet Avro Pup!
Added 28 days ago    1562 views    explicit    4
Split into two parts! A good (and submissive) pup friend of mine was curious about my muddy adventures so I decided to give them the grand tour! blind-folded them, cuffed and walked them back on the leash and forced them into various mud holes back...

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